5 most important things in life to me

1.  Health

2.  Family

3.  Women

4.  Friends

5.  Spending time with family/women/ and friends

DAY 17

So I have had 17 days w/ no LP’s following me and no music, really its a blessing,  I am able to refocus on what really matters to me in life.  All i really want is to start my own family.  I wanted to get married by the age of 23, but the fact is I just wasn’t mature enough then.  Thank God I didn’t because my maturity level would have ended it quickly, but now that I am 29 almost 30 I have no real motivation, but to start my own family.  I know i am very successful and the money will flow my way no matter what.

I really dont care about that though.  I have always had those two things in life, but they really mean nothing to me,  If I dont have that special someone to share it with.  When I started my Myspace blog it was all just a childhood dream, but it was more than that because I visualized it everyday from the age of thirteen, the only changes were the women who frequently came in and out of my life.  I never pursued any one of them without the intentions that she could be the one.  Though at that time in my life there were to many changes going on around me to really be able to stick to any of them.  The difference now is that I want to mold my life around my own family, whatever best suites us, i am willing to do.  I have set the foundation of a lifetime, I can go any direction, the only thing stopping me from moving forward is my main goal is to find that special someone or someones, that love me for the good and the bad, and eventually wants kids, and is willing to stand by my side forever.

So i have to say this to my friends and my family, and accountants

Please just help me accomplish my most important goal in life, and let me find my wife.  Stop making play all your other games for fame it’s really lame to me, some of you should really be ashamed, because you never once listened to me, and you took the game way to far.  You brought unnecessary drama into the minds of us all, just because you wanted to be right, admit it you were wrong!

Hope you have a great night, this was written on day 17 of my stay in TT whcih would of been on 8/23/2009

remember this is just a  live rough draft of my future book.


~ by loufanucchi on November 29, 2009.

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