The poet will give liberally of his strength toward the completion of the victory by setting the secret in transfiguring words.  This will be done.

It must be done, before the importance and meaning of the secret can burn into the mind and heart of the world and so set a glow the general life.  Hope and love, with the voice of music, must rehabilitate, yes, reshape and vitalize, ignite, the fact if we are not to stop with mere intellectual apprehension, if we are to pass on to assimilation, to perfect appropriation and practice.

So long as learning remains in the shape in which the investigator leaves it, it is generally useless to the uninitiated in the science.  It is only when the poet does his work, when he phrases the truth in a form to appeal to the imagination….

That the public has a profit from the inquiry.

“Wait, and love himself will bring the drooping flower of knowledge changed to fruit of wisdom. Wait; my faith is large in time, and that which shapes it to some perfect end.”

“Let knowledge grow from more to more.”

“The closing cycle rich in good.”

The immortality of life and love, the end “rich in good” these science itself will not be permitted to violate.

” The poet in his vigil hears time flowing through the night-

a mighty stream, absorbing tears, and bearing down delight

there, resting on his bank of thought

He listens till his soul

the voices of the waves has caught the true meaning of their role.


~ by loufanucchi on November 28, 2009.

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