I knew it was a test of will

They thought they put me to the test, but Im better, Ive always been better than the rest, I just wanted to make em wetter.

not ever bothered by my pests

It aint even a contest

Im sorry all the pests are so obsessed

Im currently only worried about my love fest, thank God

The lord, he made me so blessed.

never once been really depressed, not even when they watched me undress

they dont even need to confess.

because I have always been the creator of this test

I played your mind like it was a game of chess

when all I ever wanted was a soul mate

you put yourself into check mate

aint that great, this man decides his own fate

and now hes the only one with the real key to the Rain flood gate

never ever once took your bait

that is why I am the champion of this great debate of one mans fate

I am gonna be the new governor of this state

thanks for serving on such a fine dining plate

while I hid my best traits.

Happy thanks Giving!

You should have known the song Ill be gone till November.lol

I told my secretary I was gonna be gone from my 27th Bday, until I was about to turn thirty, plan went just as scheduled.




~ by loufanucchi on November 26, 2009.

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