Why does it take death

For us all to really see how great a person really was, why can’t we appreciate each other while we are still here?  All great minds are much more appreciated when they die.  I think it is the jealousy within all of us that we don’t want to admit that the person really was righteous, or genius.

Michael was truly loved, but so many people let him fall, because people love to see others fail. When are people going to truly love seeing others succeed?  Personally I love seeing other peoples victories more than my own.  We all need to stop hatin on others, and spread love throughout the world.  If you have a bad opinion of someone confront that person and tell them personally, or just shut up, but the worst thing 99% of people do is gossip and spread rumors about others behind there backs to try and make them fall or degrade there character in front of others.


~ by loufanucchi on September 16, 2009.

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