“BREAKS” Can Be Made to Order

Many people believe that material success is the result of favorable “breaks.” There is an element of ground for the belief, but those depending entirely upon luck are nearly always disappointed because they overlook another important factor which must be present before one can be sure of success.  It is the knowledge with which favorable “breaks” can be made to order.  pg 161 Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

In order to achieve great GOALS, you have to prepare yourself for when the break will come into your life, if you are not prepared for success, every break will pass you by.

Persistence and true passion for what and who you want to become is a must, because “breaks” can happen at  any time in your life.  “Breaks” come sooner for some, later for others.  If you are truly prepared, persistent and passionate about accomplishing your goal or goal’s, the breaks will appear sooner or later.

Never give up, Never let someone tell you it’s impossible, Never let someone make you feel inferior.

Every person has the same exact starting point, None of us have the same ending point.  Make use of your time wisely, Make advantages out of mistakes,take advantage of your desire for success.

Dream Big, Think Big, Be Big.


~ by loufanucchi on August 5, 2009.

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